Bose Solo Alternative – the ZVOX 555

My parents had a 55″ Samsung High definition tv a couple of years back one using the sound bar over the bottom. My father continues to be worrying about having the ability to know very well what the figures say in movies (especially old movies or action movies) because the day they first got it. Once we are going to he’s a inclination to show the amount as much as 70-95% from the maximum and also the Samsung built-in sound bar just is not able to creating good obvious/clean seem at this level which means you obtain the dialog all mushed along with the music mushed along with the explosions.

Things I hated about the thought of providing them with a complete-fledged audio system was the confusion of now getting a receiver, a brand new handheld remote control, loudspeakers and wiring playing around the television. As somebody who loves and respects the tranquility of in existence, I’d a genuine feeling within my stomach this wasn’t going to assist them to, but simply trade one problem for an additional together.ZVOX 555

I spent the following 7 several weeks searching at seem solutions until eventually I had been here on Amazon . com reading through reviews on loudspeakers and someone pointed out “also you might like to take a look at ZVOX 555 like a comment answer someone asking an issue on the review.

“ZVOX”? What would be a “ZVOX 555 and so i Researched the company to determine the things they made and also at that moment, angels began to sing. (not necessarily, I had been just Happy at finally locating the perfect solution).

Because it works out ZVOX makes them ingeniously simple-yet-robust seem cabinets which are intended to be used as TV stands (deliberately) and produce together the next elements of design which were EVERYTHING I had been searching for:

1. Discrete seem processing and separation dialog, left/right and sub.
2. Compact “all-in-oneInch speaker design that connects via 1 plug (optical, coax or analog)
3. (MAJOR) Compatibility with existing remote (e.g. sitting or cable remote) via simple 4-button learning setup.
4. Robust “no scrimpInch design excellent built quality.

After I began reading through the reviews and specs around the ZVOX products online I could not believe the paydirt I’d hit they appeared like they shipped everything I needed, and so i snapped up the ZVOX 555 in my parents for Christmas.

Since Christmas originates and gone and they’ve lived by using it for any month, listed here are the ideas:

1. Installation am easy I possibly could hug someone. Plug $4 optical audio cable into the rear of the Vizio, then into the rear of the ZVOX 555. Switch on ZVOX and configure the sitting remote. Hands remote to father, rather than talk about any new “device” again. He does not even need to understand the truth that there’s new hardware under his TV, watching television just “sounds better and much more obvious”.

This one thing makes me wish to send ZVOX flowers.

2. Increased treble as much as 4 and Bass lower to -4 (the only real 2 configuration configurations around the ZVOX 555) which seemed more obvious to my father particularly in action movies throughout large moments with music and explosions running rampant while figures will also be attempting to talk. I discovered that much better myself like me very acquainted with the muddiness from the VIZIO before point and also have viewed enough movies around the TV to be aware what previously seem like throughout movies like Saving Private Ryan or Blackhawk Lower (or Transformers or other movie with explosions and dialog simultaneously).
The XVOX555 handles this without problem.

3. Strangely enough old black and whitened movies were a large problem too around the old setup and today the dialog comes through very obvious.
4. Given my dad’s inclination to look at TV using the volume up through the roof, he wanted to try out the ZVOX initially when i first installed it by turning up up to it might go (the Vizio on MAX volume is not deafening. It’s noisy, but when you’re hard of hearing, you’ll be able to watch at 100%). We began to show the amount on the ZVOX and stopped well lacking the max since it got so noisy.

The astonishing factor was that even at this level, it remained obvious without any distortion or muddy mashing from sounds. I’m very acquainted with this and was *listening* to do this, however it did not. Every funnel remained clean, obvious and discrete.

5. Seeing how good the ZVOX 555 exercised in my parents, there’s a large a part of me that’s all of a sudden very thinking about changing my 7.1 THX surround system by having an ZVOX 580 system. In the beginning blush that most likely sounds stupid to many people, but I have not become a “movie-esque” surround experience from my setup (Onkyo THX-licensed setup) to the stage which i thought I had been within the theater and the thought of literally eliminating each one of these loudspeakers lounging throughout my family room and using a simple, central box underneath the TV is intoxicating.

Bose sole alternative

To sum up, ZVOX has developed a box that is not just like advanced like a BOSE Solo audio system, but is particularly designed to become the simplest accessory for your viewing configuration possible. I really like the truth that I discovered a robustly designed product from the company having a goal like this.

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